Who is entitled to become a member or the foundation?

1) Promoting Partners of the Centro Studi, according to art. 8 of the Statute, and entitled to appoint one member in the board or directors (b.o.d.): persons or institutions who contribute to the Centro fund in cash or kind as established by the b.o.d.

2) Supporters, according to art. 9 of the Statute: persons actively involved in the foundation life and contributing with the sum established every year by the b.o.d. They may enter the Centro Studi and its facilities ( i.e. archives, libraries and files, and audiovisual centres) and take part at the foundation initiatives. The supporter assembly appoint a representative in the board of directors, give opinions and suggestions about future plans, activities and aims.

Subscription dues for 2019:
• 100 euros for persons
• 150 euros for institutions.

If you wish to support tbe foundation

In ltaly tbe subscriptions are tax deductable, up to the 10% of your income and not above 70.000 euros. To this end the contribution must be payed via bank.

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